Why Water Play at Podar Jumbo Kids?

Water play is easily one of the most popular activities at Podar Jumbo Kids, the popular Play school and Nursery choice for parents in Bannimantap and Yadavgiri.   Children enjoy it, and wait for “Water Play” day eagerly!

But what are the benefits of water play, and why is it included in our curriculum? Here, it’s important to point out that no activity in our curriculum is pointless, or holds zero benefit for the child. The child-friendly KIDUCATION approach followed at Jumbo Kids ensures that children only have activities that are relevant and benefit some aspect of their development.

The benefits are many:

Water play helps in gross motor development. Splashing about helps in strengthening arms, shoulders and legs, and builds core strength.

It encourages social interaction. Even a normally shy child opens up and interacts with friends in the pool as she splashes about

Language skills are strengthened in this manner as children interact and talk as they enjoy this fun activity.

We also often use water play as a way to reinforce basic math concepts, colours and so on. So the popular pool is often used a second classroom!

Water play builds immunity. Doctors often recommend splashing in water as  a way to develop immunity against infections, frequent colds and cough.

Our Water Play sessions are conducted in a safe, hygienic pool once a month under the close and careful supervision of the class teacher and assistants.

Want to know more about Water Play or the other activities that your child can enjoy at Bannimnatap’s best preschool? Drop in to our centre between 9 am and 3 pm any day! Have a look at our colourful classrooms, and talk to our friendly teachers. 🙂


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