Why Is Your Child’s First Nursery School so Important?

Nursery Activities

The decision to put your child in nursery school or preschool is a very important one. This is your child’s very first learning environment, and making the wrong decision at this stage could prove disastrous. When the first learning environment is an insecure, drab, joyless, or depressing one, it makes for a very shaky foundation for a child’s development.

The Nursery program at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap is designed to promote holistic development of every child. The program is open to children who have reached a minimum of 2.6 years of age.

At this stage, the program specifically focuses on social skills and language development, communication skills development, physical and social development, besides introducing children to literacy and numeracy skills.

All activities are designed to be age-appropriate, and are focused on brain development. 98% of the child’s brain development occurs before the age of five, and we make sure that we target holistic brain development during this very sensitive and critical stage of your child’s life. Our Nursery school programs are designed to help children interact with others, including their peers as well as teachers, and to make sense of their environment.

Our children are encouraged to explore and investigate, form friendships and relationships, move about and explore in a structured manner under the careful supervision of the teachers. The goal is to make sure that children are able to progress into their kindergarten years, seamlessly and smoothly without any hassles.

Our Nursery class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 20 in each classroom, ensuring that teachers in each classroom are able to provide personal and individual attention to each child.

Want to know if Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap is the best early childhood learning center or nursery school for your child? Drop in to our preschool today and learn more about our programs, curriculum, and methodologies! Or call us today!

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