Why do we call Jumbo Kids an International preschool?

At Podar Jumbo Kids, Bannimantap, we pride ourselves on being an  international preschool with an Indian ethos.

What makes our school international? 

Our curriculum, methodologies and  pedagogy make us so.


Podar Jumbo Kids follows the Early years Foundation Stage (EYFS) standard which is followed by all schools and preschools in the United Kingdom.  In fact, we are the only kindergarten chain in India  to follow the EYFS methodology and curriculum.


Our leaning practices also include many that are borrowed from Maria Montessori’s  internationally recognized methodology of teaching children.  We use didactic material, and our staff is trained to encourage age-appropriate learning that is sensitive to the child’s needs and  his development stage. Your child’s daily experiences will include sensorial stimulation that helps his mind absorb more.


Rudolf Steiner 

We are also heavily influenced by Rudolf Steiner’s three R’s – Rhythm , Reverence and Repetition.

Rhythm – Our children enjoy and participate in music and movement activities as well as  rhymes and actions songs that enforce language and communication skills.

Reverence -We encourage children to have a deep respect and reverence for the environment around them through gardening activities, nature tours and field trips.

Repetition – Repetition of concepts reinforces learning, and is one of the strongest and proven methods to achieve learning progress.

Our school doesn’t simply have an “international” tag – it is truly global in its approach to early childhood education and its adoption of the best practices from around the world to help your child learn better!

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