Why are Events Such an Important Component of Our Annual Preschool Calendar?

At Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap, we believe that learning should go beyond A,B,Cs and  1,2,3s.  At this very sensitive stage in a child’s life, parental involvement is key. Our yearly preschool planner is designed to increase parental involvement, with plenty of extracurricular activities and events planned for children, teachers and parents.

All special events and activities are integrated into the Nursery and Kindergarten curriculum to ensure that children think of their school as a learning and development center where they are encouraged to enjoy and explore under the supervision of both their parents and teachers. Parental involvement and collaboration is a key component of our approach, and we believe that parents who take a very strong role in participating in their children’s extracurricular activities in preschool are more likely to see significant improvement in their children’s learning and cognitive development.

We, therefore, encourage all parents to participate in the events that are conducted throughout the year. Research has shown that parents who participate in their child’s kindergarten stages are much more likely to be also involved in their child’s school life as the child leaves his early childhood learning center, and moves to primary school.

From honoring and cherishing fathers on Father’s Day and harnessing the patriotic spirit of Independence Day, from enjoying a cook-off with parents on MasterChef  to special stage performances on Annual Day, our yearly calendar is chock full of events that parents are invited to. At many of these events, parents take center stage as the Star Guests of the day!

Your child’s first pre-primary school experience should be an enjoyable and fun one. Learn more about why Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap is the best choice for your child here.  Or drop in at our center for a visit!

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