Preschool Physical Development Activities at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap

Preschoolers are at one of the most sensitive growing years of their lives. Physical development-related activities at this stage are critical in order to develop gross motor development, and build the fine motor skills that children will need as they progress to higher education.

Unfortunately, children these days are getting more addicted to smart phones, tablets and technology, ensuring that they lose out on their daily dose of physical activity.

At our Bannimantap preschool and nursery, the Kindergarten curriculum and daily planner includes activities that are specifically designed to exercise specific muscles, and help enhance gross motor and fine motor coordination.

Here’s a look at just some of the activities that we conduct as our Bannimantap playschool to make sure that your child has his fair share of physical activity every day.

Yoga-yoga helps calm the child, and helps him to relax. It strengthens respiratory functioning, helps children rejuvenate, and builds strength and flexibility. Children at our Kindergarten enjoy Yoga positions in a supervised environment, and with their friends.

Parachute Play– This is a multidimensional activity that encourages both gross motor coordination and fine motor coordination. When children play with a parachute, they are exercising their shoulder, arm, hand and other gross motor-related muscles, and are also helping to strengthen finger muscles, and other fine muscles that are linked to writing, painting, and other activities. Children at our preschool and kindergarten absolutely enjoy this activity.

Outdoor Play- Children have specified sessions to play in the Play Area that is equipped with high-quality, child-friendly play equipment manufactured by Little Tikes, USA.

Water Play-Water play gives preschoolers the chance to splash about in water, enjoy with theirĀ  friends, and engage in physical activity while having fun at the same time.

Interested in knowing more about all of the different types of exciting activities that your child will enjoy at our preschool? Drop in at our Bannimantap Nursery, and have a look around! We look forward to seeing you!



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