Podar Jumbo Kids: What Is a Day like at Our Bannimantap Playschool and Nursery?

Another frequent question that we hear from Bannimantap parents is this:

What is your daily Nursery schedule like? How are children engaged each day?

Our Bannimantap preschool, like every other kindergarten in the reputed Podar Jumbo Kids chain follows a structured curriculum, and a well-defined, scientifically researched, optimum plan for every day that your child is enrolled at our playschool.

The day starts with Greeting Time, followed in sequence by the following

  • N.E.W.S – A scientifically-developed activity that is unique to our preschool!  Visit our Bannimantap playschool to know more about this very engaging and educational activity for all levels.
  • Play- Explore- Learn – Your preschooler gets a chance to express himself and reinforces his learning at the start of the day with educational toys.
  • Transition Time
  • Circle TIME – Rhymes are more fun when sung in a group
  • Understanding My World- Builds a basic understanding of science concepts
  • Learning by Doing- Worksheet activities
  • Snack time – Eating together builds bonds, encourages table manners, and a feeling of community
  • Transition Time
  • Literacy Numeracy- Establishes basic concepts of the English alphabet and numbers
  • Active Learning
  • Transition Time
  • Active Exploration- Physical activities are conducted in a group setting, and invigorate and refresh children.
  • Bye-Bye Time

For more information about the kind of activities that your child will enjoy in our Nursery program, or to see the classrooms in which with all of these exciting activities are conducted, drop in at our Bannimantap playschool any day between 9 AM and 3 PM.

You can also call us at 08214241234 and 9900622908/9900964007 to schedule a guided visit to our Nursery school. Walk around the classrooms, get a feel for the environment, and talk to one of our well-trained, friendly teachers, who will be more than happy to assist you with your queries.

Interested in joining enrolling your child in India’s No. 1 preschool chain? Contact us today!

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