Podar Jumbo Kids Gender Bias Project

Dear Parents,

As educators, it is our constant endeavour to facilitate the holistic development of our children. A very important factor for a child’s emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual growth is her/his proximity and interaction with nature.

As a parent, you know that there are many differences between a boy and a girl in how they play. Your daughter may particularly like tea parties while your son wants to roughhouse with a football. The support they get or do not get in their preschool years lays the foundation for the rest of their gender identity formation

Gender-neutral activities offer benefits for both boys and girls. They are suitable because they do not focus or push the child into a category that is pre-prescribed based on gender bias.

Therefore, at Podar Jumbo Kids, we are having five days Gender bias Project  from 22nd January to 25th January.

Podar Jumbo Kids is dedicated to help children grow into caring, capable adults through a partnership with parents through events, workshops, play based activities and projects. “The Parent Connect” adds a critical link between schools and children and hence we strongly believe in making communication a two-way street.

This is an attempt to break the stereotypes and to ensure that the environment reflects diversity in gender roles and encourages equal opportunities for everyone.

Warm regards,

Team Jumbo Kids

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