Podar Jumbo Kids EYFS Preschool Curriculum: Why Is It the Best Choice for Your Child?

Every parent in the Bannimantap and Yadavgiri areas and beyond dreams of a preschool that gives their child the edge and the best possible foundation for primary school education. Podar Jumbo Kids is proud to be the only Kindergarten Chain in India to follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

The framework defines seven learning outcomes, and focuses on helping children develop holistically, morally and aesthetically. The goal is to help children learn and acquire knowledge in a holistic manner that does not hamper the child’s spirit.

Based on extensive research conducted by our director, the eminent educationist, Dr. Swati Popat Vats, Jumbo Kids has come to the conclusion that this curriculum is the only one that allows Indian children  child to develop in the best manner possible, and in as many areas as possible, without putting them under any pressure.

The EYFS curriculum specially focuses on learning outcomes in personal and social development, literacy, early numeracy, understanding of the world, communication and language development creative development and physical development. Periodic assessments are based on the EYFS framework and help Bannimantap parents understand where their child stands when measured against these standards.

Additionally, all activities conducted as part of our curriculum are designed to fit into one of these seven areas of development. In other words, your child will ever indulge or engage in pointless activities that only serve to pass time, and serve no meaningful purposes. Instead, every activity is scientifically designed to correspond to the EYFS framework, and to encourage learning in different situations.

For more information about our EYFS framework, and how it is the best possible choice for your child, read more about the curriculum.

Remember, your child’s first learning is crucial. Expecting a child to excel in academic learning right from the very first day of school, puts him under undue pressure and strain, and actually hampers his learning abilities. Research shows that stress releases hormones in children that impair their ability to learn and pick up new concepts.

When it comes to choosing the first preschool in Bannimantap for your child, there is no room for error.

At Jumbo Kids, we offer a holistic environment that actually encourages development in all possible areas, leading to well-balanced learning. To learn more about the curriculum and how it can positively impact your child, get in touch with our center today.

Contact us for more information, or step in to our preschool in Bannimantap any time between 9 am and 3 pm for a guided visit and a chat with one of our teachers!



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