Introducing Number Magic at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap

We are pleased and so proud to announce to our parents that Podar Jumbo Kids has now introduced the  Number Magic math program for all preschoolers at the  Bannimantap centre!  The aim of Number Magic is to create confident, capable mathematicians who are Math lovers!

With this milestone,  Jumbo Kids –  already the first and only preschool chain in India to adopt the Early Years Foundation Stage framework of the United Kingdom (U.K.) – also becomes the only chain in India to adopt this holistic approach to math learning.

The Number Magic program is based on Numicon from Cambridge, U.K..

Most schools’ Math curriculum involves focusing on teaching children number recitation from 1 to 500 without an understanding of the number value. This leads to struggling in Math as the child progresses to higher standards. Number Magic, the Math program at Podar Jumbo Kids, focuses on giving preschool children the foundation required for an understanding of Math.

Number Magic at Podar Jumbo Kids is a multi-sensory approach to develop strong
math skills in the foundation years. Number Magic has a well designed curriculum for
Math which enables children to explore, understand and learn numerous Math concepts
with ease and experiential learning.

This is done by giving the children concrete experiences with specially designed
material, thereby laying the basis of learning and understanding Math and its application
in everyday life. The program through interesting activities, games, hands on learning
and worksheets takes the children to more abstract concepts of Math which include
addition, subtraction, fractions and so on. The aim behind it is to create confident,
logical thinkers and competent mathematicians who are Math Lovers!

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