How Do We Develop Language and Communication Skills at Podar Jumbo Kids Preschool?

Most parents of preschoolers are concerned about the development of their child’s language and communication skills. That is natural because the years from 2 to 5 are when maximum language development takes place. Children learn new words, learn to form sentences, and learn to speak in complete and articulate groups of sentences. They are capable of learning more than one language at this stage.

Our preschool curriculum and system place special emphasis on helping children develop essential and vital  communication skills. Nursery and Kindergarten children at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap have access to special activities, like role-play, drama and elocution classes that specifically help children speak better.

Drama is an essential part of the curriculum that allows Kindergarten children to express themselves freely, in a non-stress environment and without fear of rebuke or criticism. A stress-free, encouraging environment that is completely devoid of censure or criticism is vital for your child to develop essential language skills.

Role-play is another vital activity that both and Kindergarten and Nursery children engage in regularly. Role-play allows the child to understand not just himself, but also the people around him, the environment that he lives in, and helps him interact with them in an appropriate and functional manner. Be it doctor play, or kitchen play, our Playschool and Nursery children enjoy the opportunity to be someone else for just a few minutes, expressing themselves, and using language that goes beyond their everyday vocabulary.

We use special supervised preschool events in which children are given the opportunity to play roles in a much more formal and organized setting. We conduct events in which children dress up as various characters, like fruit and vegetable sellers, and customers, and interact, with each other in their designated roles.

Curious about how our children learn to speak and engage with each other? Call us on 9900622908 and inquire about the Nursery and Kindergarten early childhood education programs at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap.

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