A Walk by the Lake

Team Jumbo Kids Bannimantap takes great pleasure in inviting all parents and children to join us on a nature walk through Karanji Lake this Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 10 am. Join us for a fun and educational experience through one of the most beautiful attractions of Mysuru City – spend quality time with your children and their teachers in a serene, green environment.

Instructions: Register for the Walk by Thursday, January 11, 2018 by submitting your child’s name to the school office. Entrance tickets for all parents will be borne by the school. Tickets for older children/siblings, who may also attend, will have to be borne by the parents.

All parents and children must assemble at the Karanji Lake entrance by 10 am. Please carry refreshments, including snacks and water for your child. If you would like to carry extra eatables for your child to share with other children, you are free to do so. Remember to keep all snacks strictly vegetarian. Please note that Karanji Lake is a no-plastic zone, and plastic bottles or plastic bags may have restricted entry. Carry snacks in lunch boxes or steel containers, and water in water bottles.

It’s likely to be a chilly morning, so dress warmly. Children must wear their uniform or Jumbo T-shirt, caps and comfortable sneakers. Lastly, please be on time.  We look forward to seeing you all there!




Annual Day Instructions for Monday, December 18, 2017


All children will have rehearsals on Monday morning, and must be present at the school at 9.30 am. Van children will be picked up by their respective vans at the regular time, and dropped back after rehearsals. Walk-in parents must pick their children at 10:45 am.

  • Nursery: Children must be present in the school at 3 pm. Vans will take Nursery children to the auditorium at 3.30 pm. Please do not bring your children directly to the auditorium. Please make sure that children are present in school at the stipulated time. Nursery children must wear Jumbo T-shirt, white socks, and make up. They will be costumed in school.
  • Jr KG and KG: Children must be present in the auditorium by 3.30 pm in makeup and wearing their uniform and white socks.
  • General: All children must wear Velcro sandals, not laced shoes. Please do not send snacks or refreshments with the child- these will be provided. The school will not be responsible for any child missing the performance due to late coming.
  • Please do not visit the Green Room – children get unsettled on seeing strangers. Parents will pick up the children class by class from the Green Room, starting with Nursery.
  • Tuesday will be a holiday. Classes will continue till December 22. Winter break begins from December 25 and school reopens on January 2.


Masterchef 2017 Rules

It’s that time of the year again! Team Jumbo Kids invites all Daddies and their children to participate in MasterChef 2017 – a unique cooking contest that encourages healthy eating and family bonding.

This year’s edition of MasterChef will be held on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 10:00 am at the school.


• Fathers must carry their own aprons.
• It should be a healthy and nutritional recipe.
• It must be purely a vegetarian dish.
• The dish has to be made by father and the child at the centre with equal participation of both, making a dish that Dadi (grandmother) makes or a dish the father liked that his mother used to make.
• Participants must carry the ingredients and essentials for their dish and basic utensils.
• Make your dish look appetizing and creative.
• Use easily available ingredients.
• Give your dish a unique name, and write it down on a card while presenting your dish..
• The recipe should not involve the use of fire.
• Time limit for the preparation is 30 mins.
• Recipes will be judged based on taste, nutritional value and presentation. Certificates will be awarded to all participants.

We look forward to seeing you all!

Eid Charity Drive 2017

This year, the children of Podar jumbo Kids Bannimantap will celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with a special gesture. They will share their happiness with those who are less fortunate through the Eid Charity Drive initiative at our school.

To participate in the Eid Charity Drive, simply send lightly used and usable clothes, footwear and toys that you no longer need. All donated material will be collected, packed by us, and forwarded to Goonj, a New Delhi-based non-governmental organization that provides disaster relief and community development services across the country. To learn more about this wonderful organization and the work that they are doing to help the less fortunate and the rural poor across India, go to their website.

We hope this Charity Drive will light the spark of giving in your child, and set the tone for a lifetime of contributing to the community.

Remember to send clothes and other material that are not damaged and can be used. All clothing materials must be washed, and sent in a bag. The last date for sending materials for the Eid Charity Drive is June 22.

We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in this initiative!


Learning Environment-What Are Our Classrooms Like?

At Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap, the classroom is not just a classroom.

We believe that the classroom is, in fact, the third teacher of the child, second only to the parent and the teacher.

The kind of environment that your child spends his playschool or nursery hours in will play a very strong role in his learning outcomes. A child, in a drab, colorless, joyless learning environment is likely to be unstimulated, and therefore, unresponsive to any kind of learning. At Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap however, our classrooms are designed to be fun, stimulating, colorful and joyful.

Our preschool classrooms provide a spacious learning environment, and are designed to give each child sufficient individual and personal space, while promoting interpersonal and social interactions.

The walls are colorful, and shout out the achievements of each child! Display boards exhibit the child’s art and activities – we believe that this plays a key role in a child’s sense of confidence and self-esteem. We know that our children love it when their work is displayed for the world to see!

Our early childhood learning environments promote easy access to toys, material and equipment. There’s a reading corner, where children can grab age-appropriate, international books to browse through, and a special art corner to grab a crayon and paper and simply doodle away. Puzzle corners encourage mental stimulation, and provide a welcome break from classroom work for kindergartners.

Each Nursery classroom is equipped with foam-padded flooring to ensure that children can play, mingle, and bounce about without any fear of injury. All furniture is child-friendly and safely designed without any sharp corners and edges that can hurt, and painted in beautiful colours.

Want to see what a typical Nursery or Kindergarten classroom is like at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap? Drop in to our center any day between 9 AM and 3 PM, and take a guided tour of the classrooms. Our teachers are more than ready to answer any questions you have! Call us on 9900622908 to schedule a visit today!

5 Ways We Help Your Preschooler Develop Reading Skills

At Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap, we strongly believe that Readers Make Leaders. Reading skills are stressed on and encouraged at our preschool, right from the nursery school stage.

From our curriculum which focuses heavily on development of reading skills, phonetics practices and sight-reading skills, to extracurricular activities like our Jumbo’s Book Club, which helps children develop and form a lifelong bond with books, we invest heavily in developing your child’s literacy and reading skills.

Here are five ways we help your kindergartner develop reading skills.

Reading Corner-Every classroom has a little reading corner, where your child can enjoy browsing through and reading international books, and developing a bond with the written word.

Full-Fledged Library-Our early childhood learning centre has a full-fledged library with an extensive collection of age-appropriate children’s books. Whether your three-year-old is in nursery school and is just beginning to get introduced to books, or a five-year-old kindergartner, he is likely to find a wide array of books to interest him.

Glenn Doman Reading-We use the internationally-acclaimed Glenn Doman reading technique, which is a time-tested way of helping preschoolers to learn using sight-reading practices.

Phonetics-Our British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum also stresses significantly on learning phonetics, right from the Nursery stage (helping them recognize the sounds of letters and correctly pronounce them) to progressing to reading two and three- letter words in Junior Kindergarten, through reading sentences, paragraphs, and books by the time they complete Senior Kindergarten.

Jumbo’s Book Club-One of our most popular Kindergarten initiatives is Jumbo’s Book Club which is exclusive to our preschool. Our Senior Kindergartner Book Club members are encouraged to borrow books from the library, strengthen their reading skills and are applauded and appreciated for their efforts.

Interested in knowing more about our reading skills development practices? Call 9900622908 and talk to us!

Awards and Accolades for Podar Jumbo Kids- Bannimantap’s Preferred Playschool and Nursery

Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap is not just Bannimantap’s best Nursery and playschool, but also a member of the Podar Education Network, a reputed and well-established organization that has been providing educational services across India.

The Podar family currently operates pre-primary schools, primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges across India. Podar Jumbo Kids is a part of this reputed organization, currently operating in more than 250 preschool centers across India.

Over the past several years, Jumbo Kids has received several state and national accolades for the quality of its preschool services. The most recent award came from EducationWorld magazine which rated the Jumbo Kids chain as the No. 1 Preschool Chain in India. Our record is full fo numerous such awards that have recognized our unique commitment to high quality early childhood education.

Summer camp in Bannimantap


Looking for a fun summer camp for your child?  Look no further. Enroll them in “Treasure Island” Jumbo Kids Summer camp 2017. Treasure Island is a great camp of four weeks, for children between the age of two and nine. The camp includes science experiments, island- themed games and activities, field trips, and the grand finale. Your children will enjoy four weeks of exhilarating activities that will entertain them, and educate them.

Caller 9900622908/9900964007  for enrollments to Treasure Island at Jumbo Kids, Bannimantap’s premier preschool, nursery and kindergarten.