How Do We Develop Language and Communication Skills at Podar Jumbo Kids Preschool?

Most parents of preschoolers are concerned about the development of their child’s language and communication skills. That is natural because the years from 2 to 5 are when maximum language development takes place. Children learn new words, learn to form sentences, and learn to speak in complete and articulate groups of sentences. They are capable of learning more than one language at this stage.

Our preschool curriculum and system place special emphasis on helping children develop essential and vital  communication skills. Nursery and Kindergarten children at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap have access to special activities, like role-play, drama and elocution classes that specifically help children speak better.

Drama is an essential part of the curriculum that allows Kindergarten children to express themselves freely, in a non-stress environment and without fear of rebuke or criticism. A stress-free, encouraging environment that is completely devoid of censure or criticism is vital for your child to develop essential language skills.

Role-play is another vital activity that both and Kindergarten and Nursery children engage in regularly. Role-play allows the child to understand not just himself, but also the people around him, the environment that he lives in, and helps him interact with them in an appropriate and functional manner. Be it doctor play, or kitchen play, our Playschool and Nursery children enjoy the opportunity to be someone else for just a few minutes, expressing themselves, and using language that goes beyond their everyday vocabulary.

We use special supervised preschool events in which children are given the opportunity to play roles in a much more formal and organized setting. We conduct events in which children dress up as various characters, like fruit and vegetable sellers, and customers, and interact, with each other in their designated roles.

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Why Is Your Child’s First Nursery School so Important?

Nursery Activities

The decision to put your child in nursery school or preschool is a very important one. This is your child’s very first learning environment, and making the wrong decision at this stage could prove disastrous. When the first learning environment is an insecure, drab, joyless, or depressing one, it makes for a very shaky foundation for a child’s development.

The Nursery program at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap is designed to promote holistic development of every child. The program is open to children who have reached a minimum of 2.6 years of age.

At this stage, the program specifically focuses on social skills and language development, communication skills development, physical and social development, besides introducing children to literacy and numeracy skills.

All activities are designed to be age-appropriate, and are focused on brain development. 98% of the child’s brain development occurs before the age of five, and we make sure that we target holistic brain development during this very sensitive and critical stage of your child’s life. Our Nursery school programs are designed to help children interact with others, including their peers as well as teachers, and to make sense of their environment.

Our children are encouraged to explore and investigate, form friendships and relationships, move about and explore in a structured manner under the careful supervision of the teachers. The goal is to make sure that children are able to progress into their kindergarten years, seamlessly and smoothly without any hassles.

Our Nursery class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 20 in each classroom, ensuring that teachers in each classroom are able to provide personal and individual attention to each child.

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Why are Events Such an Important Component of Our Annual Preschool Calendar?

At Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap, we believe that learning should go beyond A,B,Cs and  1,2,3s.  At this very sensitive stage in a child’s life, parental involvement is key. Our yearly preschool planner is designed to increase parental involvement, with plenty of extracurricular activities and events planned for children, teachers and parents.

All special events and activities are integrated into the Nursery and Kindergarten curriculum to ensure that children think of their school as a learning and development center where they are encouraged to enjoy and explore under the supervision of both their parents and teachers. Parental involvement and collaboration is a key component of our approach, and we believe that parents who take a very strong role in participating in their children’s extracurricular activities in preschool are more likely to see significant improvement in their children’s learning and cognitive development.

We, therefore, encourage all parents to participate in the events that are conducted throughout the year. Research has shown that parents who participate in their child’s kindergarten stages are much more likely to be also involved in their child’s school life as the child leaves his early childhood learning center, and moves to primary school.

From honoring and cherishing fathers on Father’s Day and harnessing the patriotic spirit of Independence Day, from enjoying a cook-off with parents on MasterChef  to special stage performances on Annual Day, our yearly calendar is chock full of events that parents are invited to. At many of these events, parents take center stage as the Star Guests of the day!

Your child’s first pre-primary school experience should be an enjoyable and fun one. Learn more about why Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap is the best choice for your child here.  Or drop in at our center for a visit!

Why do we call Jumbo Kids an International preschool?

At Podar Jumbo Kids, Bannimantap, we pride ourselves on being an  international preschool with an Indian ethos.

What makes our school international? 

Our curriculum, methodologies and  pedagogy make us so.


Podar Jumbo Kids follows the Early years Foundation Stage (EYFS) standard which is followed by all schools and preschools in the United Kingdom.  In fact, we are the only kindergarten chain in India  to follow the EYFS methodology and curriculum.


Our leaning practices also include many that are borrowed from Maria Montessori’s  internationally recognized methodology of teaching children.  We use didactic material, and our staff is trained to encourage age-appropriate learning that is sensitive to the child’s needs and  his development stage. Your child’s daily experiences will include sensorial stimulation that helps his mind absorb more.


Rudolf Steiner 

We are also heavily influenced by Rudolf Steiner’s three R’s – Rhythm , Reverence and Repetition.

Rhythm – Our children enjoy and participate in music and movement activities as well as  rhymes and actions songs that enforce language and communication skills.

Reverence -We encourage children to have a deep respect and reverence for the environment around them through gardening activities, nature tours and field trips.

Repetition – Repetition of concepts reinforces learning, and is one of the strongest and proven methods to achieve learning progress.

Our school doesn’t simply have an “international” tag – it is truly global in its approach to early childhood education and its adoption of the best practices from around the world to help your child learn better!

Preschool Physical Development Activities at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap

Preschoolers are at one of the most sensitive growing years of their lives. Physical development-related activities at this stage are critical in order to develop gross motor development, and build the fine motor skills that children will need as they progress to higher education.

Unfortunately, children these days are getting more addicted to smart phones, tablets and technology, ensuring that they lose out on their daily dose of physical activity.

At our Bannimantap preschool and nursery, the Kindergarten curriculum and daily planner includes activities that are specifically designed to exercise specific muscles, and help enhance gross motor and fine motor coordination.

Here’s a look at just some of the activities that we conduct as our Bannimantap playschool to make sure that your child has his fair share of physical activity every day.

Yoga-yoga helps calm the child, and helps him to relax. It strengthens respiratory functioning, helps children rejuvenate, and builds strength and flexibility. Children at our Kindergarten enjoy Yoga positions in a supervised environment, and with their friends.

Parachute Play– This is a multidimensional activity that encourages both gross motor coordination and fine motor coordination. When children play with a parachute, they are exercising their shoulder, arm, hand and other gross motor-related muscles, and are also helping to strengthen finger muscles, and other fine muscles that are linked to writing, painting, and other activities. Children at our preschool and kindergarten absolutely enjoy this activity.

Outdoor Play- Children have specified sessions to play in the Play Area that is equipped with high-quality, child-friendly play equipment manufactured by Little Tikes, USA.

Water Play-Water play gives preschoolers the chance to splash about in water, enjoy with their  friends, and engage in physical activity while having fun at the same time.

Interested in knowing more about all of the different types of exciting activities that your child will enjoy at our preschool? Drop in at our Bannimantap Nursery, and have a look around! We look forward to seeing you!



Podar Jumbo Kids: What Is a Day like at Our Bannimantap Playschool and Nursery?

Another frequent question that we hear from Bannimantap parents is this:

What is your daily Nursery schedule like? How are children engaged each day?

Our Bannimantap preschool, like every other kindergarten in the reputed Podar Jumbo Kids chain follows a structured curriculum, and a well-defined, scientifically researched, optimum plan for every day that your child is enrolled at our playschool.

The day starts with Greeting Time, followed in sequence by the following

  • N.E.W.S – A scientifically-developed activity that is unique to our preschool!  Visit our Bannimantap playschool to know more about this very engaging and educational activity for all levels.
  • Play- Explore- Learn – Your preschooler gets a chance to express himself and reinforces his learning at the start of the day with educational toys.
  • Transition Time
  • Circle TIME – Rhymes are more fun when sung in a group
  • Understanding My World- Builds a basic understanding of science concepts
  • Learning by Doing- Worksheet activities
  • Snack time – Eating together builds bonds, encourages table manners, and a feeling of community
  • Transition Time
  • Literacy Numeracy- Establishes basic concepts of the English alphabet and numbers
  • Active Learning
  • Transition Time
  • Active Exploration- Physical activities are conducted in a group setting, and invigorate and refresh children.
  • Bye-Bye Time

For more information about the kind of activities that your child will enjoy in our Nursery program, or to see the classrooms in which with all of these exciting activities are conducted, drop in at our Bannimantap playschool any day between 9 AM and 3 PM.

You can also call us at 08214241234 and 9900622908/9900964007 to schedule a guided visit to our Nursery school. Walk around the classrooms, get a feel for the environment, and talk to one of our well-trained, friendly teachers, who will be more than happy to assist you with your queries.

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Podar Jumbo Kids EYFS Preschool Curriculum: Why Is It the Best Choice for Your Child?

Every parent in the Bannimantap and Yadavgiri areas and beyond dreams of a preschool that gives their child the edge and the best possible foundation for primary school education. Podar Jumbo Kids is proud to be the only Kindergarten Chain in India to follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

The framework defines seven learning outcomes, and focuses on helping children develop holistically, morally and aesthetically. The goal is to help children learn and acquire knowledge in a holistic manner that does not hamper the child’s spirit.

Based on extensive research conducted by our director, the eminent educationist, Dr. Swati Popat Vats, Jumbo Kids has come to the conclusion that this curriculum is the only one that allows Indian children  child to develop in the best manner possible, and in as many areas as possible, without putting them under any pressure.

The EYFS curriculum specially focuses on learning outcomes in personal and social development, literacy, early numeracy, understanding of the world, communication and language development creative development and physical development. Periodic assessments are based on the EYFS framework and help Bannimantap parents understand where their child stands when measured against these standards.

Additionally, all activities conducted as part of our curriculum are designed to fit into one of these seven areas of development. In other words, your child will ever indulge or engage in pointless activities that only serve to pass time, and serve no meaningful purposes. Instead, every activity is scientifically designed to correspond to the EYFS framework, and to encourage learning in different situations.

For more information about our EYFS framework, and how it is the best possible choice for your child, read more about the curriculum.

Remember, your child’s first learning is crucial. Expecting a child to excel in academic learning right from the very first day of school, puts him under undue pressure and strain, and actually hampers his learning abilities. Research shows that stress releases hormones in children that impair their ability to learn and pick up new concepts.

When it comes to choosing the first preschool in Bannimantap for your child, there is no room for error.

At Jumbo Kids, we offer a holistic environment that actually encourages development in all possible areas, leading to well-balanced learning. To learn more about the curriculum and how it can positively impact your child, get in touch with our center today.

Contact us for more information, or step in to our preschool in Bannimantap any time between 9 am and 3 pm for a guided visit and a chat with one of our teachers!



What Kind of Activities Do You Have at Your Bannimantap Preschool/Nursery?

This is a very frequent question that we get from parents who want to inquire about our curriculum. They specifically wish to know about the kind of preschool activities that their children will be engaged in during the hours spent at our center.

The first thing that parents in the Bannimantap and Yadavgiri areas need to know is that the Podar Jumbo Kids kindergarten chain follows the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Our center is part of the only kindergarten chain in India to follow this widely-recognized British curriculum that is followed by preschools in the United Kingdom.

Every activity that your child will perform at our center is designed to specifically fit into one of the Seven areas of development that are defined in the Early Years Foundation Stage standard. Simply put, at our Bannimantap playschool, your child will never take part in activities that are meaningless, pointless, or cannot help him in learning anything. Every activity whether it is indoor or outdoor, play or nursery rhymes, games or role play, are specifically designed to encourage learning.

So, your toddler or kindergartener could be engaged in water play to revise numeracy concepts, while he could be strengthening his English alphabet learning in our large sand pit.

Coloring and painting activities may be designed to strengthen his understanding of science concepts, while role-play could be used to strengthen personal and social development.

Our rhymes are always tied in with the Science concepts that we teach, stressing the child’s learning, and reinforcing whatever he has grasped earlier.

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Preschool Safety: What you need to Know

Your child’s preschool or kindergarten must be a very special, safe and secure place. Unfortunately, there are far too many distressing news reports in the media these days about abuse of children in schools. At Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap, we take security and safety of every child very seriously.

All our staff members go through mandatory orientations about child abuse prevention and child security, and sign a “Zero Tolerance Policy” agreement that clearly states Jumbo Kids’ non-tolerance of any physical or verbal abuse of a child.

The Bannimantap center has undertaken complete police verification of all playschool and nursery staff, including teaching and nonteaching staff.

We have only female staff members on campus, and no strangers are allowed onto the campus without a specific and essential reason for being there.

Children are never allowed to walk off campus with strangers, or even family members, unless they produce a special Smart Card, identifying the person’s authority to take the child.

Teachers at our Mysore Kindergarten conduct regular “Good Touch, Bad Touch” programs and use presentations, workshops, puppet shows and skits in order to educate children about the importance of protecting their own bodies from harm. Even our note books have the Good Touch, Bad Touch strip printed at the back, so parents can talk about these delicate, but very important matters at home with the child.

These are just some of the ways we work to keep your child safe and secure at our preschool. To learn more about what we do to keep your child safe and secure at our premises, call 9900622908 or 9900964007 to schedule a visit to our center. You can also read more info about why Bannimantap and Yadavgiri parents prefer Podar Jumbo Kids preschool for their little children.

Convocation Ceremony at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap

Seniors and  Nursery children of Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap had their Convocation ceremony on Saturday, March 1. The children were resplendent in their scarlet gowns, and graduation caps, and were so proud! We loved having all the parents join us as we celebrated the children’s journey into the next stage of their lives.

Graduation is a milestone for any child. For a Nursery child, it means a transition from the babyhood of Nursery class into the more formal class environment and busier schedule of Jr. kindergarten. For Seniors, it means moving on from the protected environment at Podar Jumbo Kids in Bannimantap – for most, their very first and only school to-date! – to the much more demanding life of primary education.

However, we feel very confident that our children will cope with this transition smoothly and even joyfully.

We wish our Graduating

Graduation Day at Podar

students all the very best in the future. Soar high, reach for the stars and never be afraid to chase your dreams. God bless you all!

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