Preschool Safety: What you need to Know

Your child’s preschool or kindergarten must be a very special, safe and secure place. Unfortunately, there are far too many distressing news reports in the media these days about abuse of children in schools. At Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap, we take security and safety of every child very seriously.

All our staff members go through mandatory orientations about child abuse prevention and child security, and sign a “Zero Tolerance Policy” agreement that clearly states Jumbo Kids’ non-tolerance of any physical or verbal abuse of a child.

The Bannimantap center has undertaken complete police verification of all playschool and nursery staff, including teaching and nonteaching staff.

We have only female staff members on campus, and no strangers are allowed onto the campus without a specific and essential reason for being there.

Children are never allowed to walk off campus with strangers, or even family members, unless they produce a special Smart Card, identifying the person’s authority to take the child.

Teachers at our Mysore Kindergarten conduct regular “Good Touch, Bad Touch” programs and use presentations, workshops, puppet shows and skits in order to educate children about the importance of protecting their own bodies from harm. Even our note books have the Good Touch, Bad Touch strip printed at the back, so parents can talk about these delicate, but very important matters at home with the child.

These are just some of the ways we work to keep your child safe and secure at our preschool. To learn more about what we do to keep your child safe and secure at our premises, call 9900622908 or 9900964007 to schedule a visit to our center. You can also read more info about why Bannimantap and Yadavgiri parents prefer Podar Jumbo Kids preschool for their little children.

Convocation Ceremony at Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap

Seniors and  Nursery children of Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap had their Convocation ceremony on Saturday, March 1. The children were resplendent in their scarlet gowns, and graduation caps, and were so proud! We loved having all the parents join us as we celebrated the children’s journey into the next stage of their lives.

Graduation is a milestone for any child. For a Nursery child, it means a transition from the babyhood of Nursery class into the more formal class environment and busier schedule of Jr. kindergarten. For Seniors, it means moving on from the protected environment at Podar Jumbo Kids in Bannimantap – for most, their very first and only school to-date! – to the much more demanding life of primary education.

However, we feel very confident that our children will cope with this transition smoothly and even joyfully.

We wish our Graduating

Graduation Day at Podar

students all the very best in the future. Soar high, reach for the stars and never be afraid to chase your dreams. God bless you all!

Want to know more about our classes? Call us at 9900622908/9900964007 and schedule a visit to our colourful Playschool and Kindergarten centre  at Bannimantap A Layout.

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About Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap

Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap opened its doors to the children of Mysore on Christmas Day, 2010, offering  preschool programs in Playschool, Nursery and Kindergarten. Since then, we have come a long way, and have watched hundreds of children graduate from our Kindergarten programs, and move on successfully to Primary education.

The journey has been exciting, and we have only moved from strength to strength, drawing in Playschool and Kindergarten enrollments from Bannimantap, Subhashnagar, NR Mohalla, Yadavgiri, Rajivnagar, Udaygiri areas and beyond. In 2014, we moved to our own spacious, architect-designed facility in Bannimantap A Layout, offering children a more enjoyable, and wholesome educational experience.

Podar Jumbo Kids is registered with the Department of Education, Karnataka, and is managed by Mariam Educational Trust.