5 Ways We Help Your Preschooler Develop Reading Skills

At Podar Jumbo Kids Bannimantap, we strongly believe that Readers Make Leaders. Reading skills are stressed on and encouraged at our preschool, right from the nursery school stage.

From our curriculum which focuses heavily on development of reading skills, phonetics practices and sight-reading skills, to extracurricular activities like our Jumbo’s Book Club, which helps children develop and form a lifelong bond with books, we invest heavily in developing your child’s literacy and reading skills.

Here are five ways we help your kindergartner develop reading skills.

Reading Corner-Every classroom has a little reading corner, where your child can enjoy browsing through and reading international books, and developing a bond with the written word.

Full-Fledged Library-Our early childhood learning centre has a full-fledged library with an extensive collection of age-appropriate children’s books. Whether your three-year-old is in nursery school and is just beginning to get introduced to books, or a five-year-old kindergartner, he is likely to find a wide array of books to interest him.

Glenn Doman Reading-We use the internationally-acclaimed Glenn Doman reading technique, which is a time-tested way of helping preschoolers to learn using sight-reading practices.

Phonetics-Our British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum also stresses significantly on learning phonetics, right from the Nursery stage (helping them recognize the sounds of letters and correctly pronounce them) to progressing to reading two and three- letter words in Junior Kindergarten, through reading sentences, paragraphs, and books by the time they complete Senior Kindergarten.

Jumbo’s Book Club-One of our most popular Kindergarten initiatives is Jumbo’s Book Club which is exclusive to our preschool. Our Senior Kindergartner Book Club members are encouraged to borrow books from the library, strengthen their reading skills and are applauded and appreciated for their efforts.

Interested in knowing more about our reading skills development practices? Call 9900622908 and talk to us!

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