What Kind of Activities Do You Have at Your Bannimantap Preschool/Nursery?

This is a very frequent question that we get from parents who want to inquire about our curriculum. They specifically wish to know about the kind of preschool activities that their children will be engaged in during the hours spent at our center.

The first thing that parents in the Bannimantap and Yadavgiri areas need to know is that the Podar Jumbo Kids kindergarten chain follows the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Our center is part of the only kindergarten chain in India to follow this widely-recognized British curriculum that is followed by preschools in the United Kingdom.

Every activity that your child will perform at our center is designed to specifically fit into one of the Seven areas of development that are defined in the Early Years Foundation Stage standard. Simply put, at our Bannimantap playschool, your child will never take part in activities that are meaningless, pointless, or cannot help him in learning anything. Every activity whether it is indoor or outdoor, play or nursery rhymes, games or role play, are specifically designed to encourage learning.

So, your toddler or kindergartener could be engaged in water play to revise numeracy concepts, while he could be strengthening his English alphabet learning in our large sand pit.

Coloring and painting activities may be designed to strengthen his understanding of science concepts, while role-play could be used to strengthen personal and social development.

Our rhymes are always tied in with the Science concepts that we teach, stressing the child’s learning, and reinforcing whatever he has grasped earlier.

Interested in knowing more about how our Bannimantap preschool and kindergarten provides the most optimum preschool environment for your child? Call us at 0821-4241234/9900964007, or simply drop in at our center for a chat!



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